KINJAO - Protein bar with double chocolate flavored crickets

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A snack before or after a weight training or sports in general? Try this protein bar made from double-chocolate flavored cranberry flour. We mixed whey with cricket to form a multi-source protein of high quality environmentally friendly and highly assimilable.
20g of protein per bar!
A protein bar high in fiber, low in sugar and gluten free

The protein bar with crickets - Double chocolate flavor
Protein bars are convenient for snacks before or after a weight training or sports in general, even gourmands can be tempted. We created for you this protein bar made from cranberry flour flavored double-chocolate, gluten-free, compatible with the paleo diet.

To ensure a real snack, a minimum of muscular reaction and have a feeling of satiety until the next meal, the bar KINJAO weighs 61g. It contains 39% of the recommended daily protein intake. Proteins are provided in part by crickets flour, low in fat and a real concentrate of assimilable natural proteins.
On the contrary, the KINJAO double-chocolate bar contains only 6g of lipids. The whole is completed by a good percentage of fibers (19g). It is also composed of other super organic ingredients such as chocolate chips, almond butter, cocoa and probiotics.

This insect-based protein bar is an ideal snack for many diets: paleo diet, high-protein diet, sports nutrition ...
Packaging: Protein-based protein bar of 61g blister