INSECTÉO - Curry Crickets

INSECTÉO - Curry Crickets

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Succumb to the small nutty taste of cricket raised by a hint of yellow curry with these curry crickets - Insectéo. Go trough the experience of entomophagy, eating insects, a culinary practice that comes to Europe, with these curry crickets.

Crickets from Thailand flavored with a tasty blend of barbecue spices. They are perfect to share with friends and family while having a drink. The Insectéo products contain only high quality edible insects chosen for their taste. 

Weight: 25 gr (quantity for 4 people or about 30 crickets). Size of crickets: about 2.5 cm.

How to use: take crickets with a natural taste of hazelnut and add curry, you get "biscuits" aperitifs 100% natural and original.

Ingredients: crickets (Acheta domestica), curry powder.


Nutritional Facts (x100g) 

Kcal 430 (Kj 1800)
Protein 19 g
Carbs 12 g (of which sugar 4 g)
Fat 6 g (of which saturates 2 g)
Salt 2 g