INSECTÉO - Curry Crickets

£7.60 GBP
Succumb to the small nutty taste of cricket raised by a hint of yellow curry with these curry crickets - Insectéo. A gourmet pleasure to eat as an aperitif.
Curry crickets
Take crickets with a natural taste of hazelnut and add curry, you get "biscuits" aperitifs 100% natural and original. This is the idea of Insectéo, the brand of edible insects for the aperitif. Introduce yourself to entomophagy - eating insects - a culinary practice that comes to Europe with these curry crickets.

Grammage: 25 gr (quantity for 4 people or about 30 crickets) - An edible insect with a good taste of curry - An aperitif with flavors from elsewhere - Box of insect aperitif ready to eat - Cricket size: 2.5 cm approximately - Best before date: see on the box.