Bugsolutely - Cricket Pasta Fusilli with Vitamin B12 - 350gr

Vendor: Bugsolutely
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Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is something completely new: a sustainable superfood containing 20% cricket flour. This unique innovation is at the top of the fast-growing market of bug-based products.

Weight: 350 g (12,3 oz) Certifications: GMP, HACCP

It tastes good: Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta is not just healthy but also delicious, according to chefs and customers. Cricket flour adds a nutty flavor, and the taste is not much different from wholewheat pasta.

It's healthy: crickets are full of high quality protein and rich in non-dairy calcium, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron and all 9 of the essential Amino Acids. That’s why Bugsolutely Cricket Pasta has an exceptional nutritional profile.

It's sustainable: the planet won’t survive if we keep eating beef. Cattle requires too many resources (and causes animal suffering). Insects are healthy and sustainable, which makes them a great substitute regardless of what they look like!

Ingredients: wheat flour 80% – cricket flour 20%