CRICKE' - Cricket Crackers
CRICKE' - Cricket Crackers
CRICKE' - Cricket Crackers

CRICKE' - Cricket Crackers

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Irresistible, crisp crackers made with crickets, ideal for snacking. Perfectly balanced and highly sustainable.

Cricket Crackers are an excellent, natural source of complete protein thanks to the incredible nutritional value of crickets. Not only healthy but moreish. Have you ever tasted crickets? This is the way to taste the real benefits of crickets: from yuck to yum in a bite. Hooray! Made in the UK using 100% natural ingredients as sesame and extra-virgin olive oil. Simply yummy!


Perfectly balanced: has all the nutrients any health-conscious person would want. But to me, it seems to be just as a normal cracker! Not exactly, its nutritional content is way higher than an average cracker:
-15% calories
-12% carbs
-52% fat
+193% protein!

Highly sustainable: Our planet first! Cricket farming has an extremely low environmental impact. Crickets have 2x more protein than beef, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk. Crickets require drastically less land, water, feed and energy than traditional protein sources.

Outrageously tasty: made in the UK with only selected high-quality ingredients — you can really pronounce one by one: wheat flour, crickets, sesame, EVO oil, salt. There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives added. Lovingly handmade, get ready for jaw-dropping taste!


Wheat flour, cricket (Acheta domesticus) powder (15%), sesameseeds (6%), extra virgin olive oil, salt.


For Allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold. Contains crickets, people who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to crickets.