Crawlers Cricket Carob Power Powder 50 gr

Crawlers Cricket Carob Power Powder 50 gr

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Carob Power Powder is a blend of Cricket Flour, Carob powder, Cacao powder, Maca Powder and Cinnamon.

Cricket Flour is one of the worlds most sustainable ways to get protein and other nutrients into your diet. Cricket Flour contains 68% protein, 1.6x more calcium than milk, 10x more B12 than salmon and also essential amino acids.
It is dairy and gluten free; high in protein, iron and in vitamin B12.

Carob Power Powder is sustainable, tastes great, and is healthy. Try Power Powders today, you will be doing your body and the planet a favour!

One year shelf life.

How to use: Add a delicious and nutritious protein hit to your favourite baking and smoothie recipes with just one serve of our carob power powder.

Ingredients: cricket flour (36%), carob (30%), cacao powder, maca root powder, cinnamon.

Allergy advice: may affect those with allergies to Crustaceans.

Nutritional Facts (x100g) 

Kj 1390
Protein 31.6 g 
Carbs 31.2 g (of which sugar 19.2 g)
Fat 8.9 g (of which saturates 3.7 g) 
Sodium 1450 mg