Eat Grub - Bar Blueberry & Almond

Vendor: Future Food Shop
£1.75 GBP

An all natural, gluten, nut, soy and dairy free bar with no added sugar and an extra special ingredient: cricket powder. High in protein, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and fibers, and sustainable to the planet too. 

The juicy blueberries alongside the creamy almond nuts make this bar a real healthy treat and an energizing snack.

How to use: best eaten 20 minutes before, or during exercise (like a long sport competition), but also a tasty and healthy treat for in between meals.

Ingredients: chopped dates (28.2%), sunflower seeds (15.7%), currants (15.5%), almonds (11.3%), gluten free oatbran (9.4%), juice infused blueberries (7.5%), cricket protein powder (6.3%), vegetable glycerine (3.8%), water (2.3%).

Allergy advice: crickets. If you are allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to insects too.