ApuliaKundi SpirulinaK BIO 20 gr
ApuliaKundi SpirulinaK BIO 20 gr

ApuliaKundi SpirulinaK BIO 20 gr

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100% pure spirulina Organic Bio. Made in Italy.

Considered the super food of the 21st century, it is an integrator able to give you a real break in wellness. Antioxidant, energetic, invigorating is ideal for both sportsmen and people who want to find their own weight form.

Spirulina algae is a microalga characterized by an unreleased green-blue color. It is very rich in vitamins, mineral salts, iron and essential amino acids. It is the vegetable food that offers the highest protein content without cholesterol or fat. Spirulina is produced according to an innovative drying system ideal to keep intact the organoleptic and nutraceutical properties of this super food.

Of course, without iodine, it is a food product ideal for both vegans and vegetarians. Use it at every change of season when your body needs an energy boost and recharges more.

Nutritional Facts (x100g) 

Kcal 338 (Kj 1415.14) 
Protein 56 g 
Carbs 16.1 g
Fat 5.5 g (of which saturates 2.7 g) 
Fibers 4.7 g
Gamma-linolenic acid 786 g
Vitamin B1 11.6 mg
Vitamin B2 2.4 mg 
Vitamin B3 4.7 mg
Vitamin B6 13.7 mg
Vitamin B12 0.56 mg
Vitamin E 3.3 mg
Phycocyanin (crude) 12.9 g
C-Phycocyanin 6.3 g
Chlorophyll 877 mg
Beta-carotene 526,7 mg
Potassium 1435.6 mg
Calcium 335.9 mg
Iron 19.2 mg
Zinc 1.7 mg