Why eat insects? What are the nutritional benefits?
First of all because they have a great taste, burst and amaze you!
But above all, because they are very nutritious, dietetic, rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, fiber, iron, zinc and omega-3.
A food of the future, which you can try today.
For example, the crickets provide more than twice the protein, five times as much magnesium and three times as much iron as beef.
Already in 2013, the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) has published a key document on the contribution of insects to food safety, the economy and the environment.

What are the benefits to the environment and the sustainability of food production?
On average, insects are able to convert 2 kg of food into 1 kg of body mass instead of cattle, serving 8 kg of food to increase 1 kg of body mass.
Their breeding significantly reduces the production of greenhouse gases: for example, crickets produce 80 times less cattle emissions.
Also the amount of water and soil required is drastically reduced.
The global population is steadily growing, food and environmental resources are not enough to sustain this growth rate.
Insects are not only a formidable alternative source of protein available to developing countries, but also an instrument for changing the food production model to the developed ones, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Eating insects can cause allergic reactions or other health problems?
There are no known cases of the transmission of diseases or parasitosis to humans from the intake of insects (provided that the insects are manipulated under the same hygienic conditions as any other food).
However, allergy comparable to allergy to crustaceans, which are also invertebrates, may occur.
Compared to mammals and birds, insects may show less risk of transmitting zoonotic infections to humans - Source: FAO
For this reason, in our shop you can find certified and controlled products of the manufacturer's bestsellers, which guarantee the safety of the consumer.

Can I eat insects in my country?
Verify in your country the possibility to consume some types of product.
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What payments are accepted?
We accept most credit cards from major international circuits. We also accepted PayPal.
We believe in the future of sustainable nutrition, but not only, so we also accept criptovalute.

Are your products all insect-based?
No. We believe that the food of the future is not only insects, but also algae, vegetable powder and other superfoods. We therefore have a rich range of Vegan and Vegetable products, natural and certified.

Are your products fresh?
No, our products do not need to be refrigerated. They have a mid-term expiration date as they are dripped or not fresh.

How do I find out about Intolerance and Allergies?
Coem already said some insect-based products or insect powders can cause allergies similar to crustaceans. Those who are allergic to crustaceans should avoid the consumption of these products.
For other intolerances like gluten, soy or lactose, our shop offers gluten-free, lactose-free and no soy products.
In any case, for any specific product information you can write to hello@futurefoodshop.com

In what currencies can I pay?
Payments can be made in the customer's preferred currency. By choosing the currency, this will be maintained until checkout and payment, without any uncomfortable changes to your account.

I did not find the answer, how can I do it?
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