About Us

Future Food Shop is owned by ALMA EUREKA LTD, a young and dynamic company, from the Italian heart, attentive to the needs of the new consumer.

ALMA EUREKA 's goal is to raise awareness with new ingredients and new products, which give a good sense of well - being and environmental impact.Future Food Shop
 is the first European online shop where you can buy all the best of the future food you can find online.

Here you can search for products by food category, but also by our TAG based on diet you are following (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Sports and others).

In our shop you can find Algas, Edible Insects and a lot of "strangest" food existing in our planet. What is common to them is the low environmental impact and the great food properties that distinguish them

Our goal is to provide the best superfood supply service, while saving the planet in terms of environmental sustainability.