SEEDS&CHIPS - Novel Food and Edible Insects

Novel Food and Edible Insects, protagonist FUTURE FOOD SHOP

Within the SEEDS & CHIPS International Summit dedicated to Food Innovation, Future Food Shop has attracted the attention of investors, journalists, customers and curious.

FutureFoodShop has set itself as a unique platform in which it is possible to buy products of the future. Edible insects, algae and plant extracts.
The focus of attention was the edible insects, the widest range available online, in various forms:
Edible insects as an ingredient in products such as pasta, snacks, sweets, crackers, or whole ready to be cooked or flavored or covered with chocolate. And even flours of insects (powder) to be placed in bakery products.
Algae are also enjoying strong success on FUTURE FOOD SHOP.

At Seeds & Chips, SEAMORE and APULIAKUNDI were protagonists with their incredible products:
ISEA PASTA the first 100% seaweed pasta, ISEA BACON pure algae with an incredible taste and the new ISEA WRAPS the first flatbread with seaweed. With SEAMORE it was the consecration of a collaboration born a few months ago and which is also strengthening with the participation of ALMA EUREKA at the recent SEAMORE crowfounding.
Another protagonist is ApuliaKundi, the brand of Spirulina BIO made in Italy. A confirmation to SEEDS & Chips of a product of Italian agri-food excellence. A unique, organic and tasty product.
With ADUNA we brought to SEEDS & CHIPS MORINGA, BAOBAB and CACAO. Super products, super natural. Just MORINGA was one of the themes and food protagonists of the Summit.
We met dozens of customers, suppliers, contacts, journalists, investors ....
A unique experience that has given us strength to continue to be the best store dedicated to the food of the future.