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Food Insects was founded by Anita, who is doing a masters degree in environmental science and therefore took a little break from her job. Impressed by the advantages of eating insects, she decided to create a foodblog and magazine about edible insects. After months of research and cooking experiments she launched the Food Insects website in the beginning of February 2018.

Food Insects provides lots of interesting information about eating insects, product and restaurant tests, news, practical tips and delicious recipes.

Anita's goal is to introduce people in Germany and Europe to eating insects and to convince them that insects can be an enrichment to our diet. She thinks that insects, as well as sushi, mussels and shrimps, deserve a place on our plate. Why? Because they are delicious and high in protein and micronutrients, which means they are very healthy.

food insects

But there is also another aspect that moved her to deal with the topic. Namely, the fact that the demand for protein will exceed supply in the near future if we stick to conventional cultivation and breeding methods. According to many scientists, eating insects can help to conserve the resources of our planet and help fight hunger in the world.

However, establishing insects as food in Western countries is likely to be a major challenge - disgust is particularly well established among adults. And that's exactly what she wants to change.

If you are interested in Anita's website, visit for further information and delicious recipes. She provides a translator on her website so you are able to read it in your language.