SENS - New bars with cricket flour

At Seeds & Chips 2018 in MILAN, just over a month ago, we met thousands of people, dozens of interested and interesting contacts.

But it was also an opportunity to learn about new brands and products in the world of nutrition for the future.
Seamore, Crickè, Sens, Bugsolutely, Algama, IFN and many others.
With some, the meeting was only the strengthening of an already existing relationship. A relationship that from commercial and business is becoming a sharing of interests and vision.

In that place we had the pleasure and the honor to taste and taste the SENS bars.
We met DANIEL who is passionate about his products and the young SENS reality.

From today, from that meeting, from that sharing are available from today on our catalog the new bars in 2 formulas and in 4 flavors.
Energy bars and protein bars.
Two different formulas for a different protein intake. The Energy formula suitable for everyone, the Protein formula especially for athletes.
4 spectacular flavors, interesting and different texture to taste and try!