ISEA BACON algae are one of the most interesting and innovative products. They are sustainable, or better, SUSTAINABLE. They are Organic certified, BIO, Vegan, No GMO and grown in EUROPE (France).

They are a unique product and rich in interesting nutritional values. For example, potassium, as much as 5.9 grams per 100 of product. Yes exact, 5.9 gr and not mg.
Among the most important and most present minerals in our body, potassium performs many functions. It has a fundamental role against hypertension and its imbalance can cause water retention. Potassium deficiencies can be caused by excess fluid loss, which is more common in summer or when practicing physical activity. The most obvious symptoms are fatigue, drowsiness, muscle weakness.

Here are 5 foods with potassium expressed in grams, higher than the banana:

Dried borlotti beans (1.48 g per 100 g)
Potatoes (0.57 g per 100 g)
Spinach (0.53 g per 100 g)
Avocado (0.45 g per 100 g)
Smoked salmon (0.42 g per 100 g)
ISEA BACON (5.9 g per 100 g)
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Here is an easy and tasty recipe

Sea Bacon scrambled eggs
4 eggs
½ bunch parsley
2 small onions
4 leaves
I sea bacon
How do you prepare it?
Whisk the eggs gently add some salt
Fry the I bacon crispy in butter and cut in smaller pieces
Fry the onions for a few minutes
The sea bacon and the parsley