Cooking insects, algae, moringa and much more ....

We have introduced new products to allow you to cook with insects, algae and much more.
With the new products we have a range of over 100 products.
Edible insects for aperitif, whole to be cooked, powders of natural and flavored insects, pancakes, pasta, snacks and the exquisite Chirps.
Not only insects but also Algae, we have just introduced SEAMORE products, an innovative company that produces two extraordinary products with seaweed I SEA BACON and I SEA PASTA.
And then our new whole insects EATGRUB and ENTOPURE ready to cook, without flavorings, to leave you the imagination to try and experiment. Accompanied by dust or alone, they will allow you to create good sweet or savory products for you and the planet.
And yet the PANCAKES with cricket flour, ready to be seasoned with your favorite ingredients, rich in nutrients and proteins. Source of energy and goodness!
Moringa Baobab Spirulina and SuperCacao will allow you to cook sweets or soups with an exotic taste, helping your body with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.

Discover our products, ready to be cooked, prepare your favorite dishes and share on social with #cookthefuture

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