Focus on: ALGA SPIRULINA by ApuliaKundi

Make that food is your medicine and medicine your food - (Hippocrates)

By 2050, the world population will have increased by about 35%, so to feed the entire population, agricultural production will have to double. Intensive agriculture is one of the main responsible for global warming because it emits greenhouse gases, such as methane produced by intensive farming and carbon dioxide resulting from the deforestation of rain forests to free land to cultivate or use for grazing.

Agriculture, as well as intensive farming, represent the largest source of consumption and water pollution and accelerates the loss of biodiversity. For these reasons, agriculture poses major environmental challenges, which are even more pressing than the growing need for food and energy around the world.
In addition, the ongoing trend of a model of economic development, based on the unlimited use of planet resources and the globalization process that has profoundly altered the lifestyle of human communities, particularly the Western ones, is causing serious consequences on ' environment, such as sudden climate change, soil, air pollution, quality of life, people and the food they consume, representing one of the major threats to the planet and to human communities, , the birth and the increase of serious imbalances and food shortages as well as emerging food-related illnesses.


APULIAKUNDI intends to respond to this challenge by proposing a sustainable development model, developing innovative entrepreneurial solutions through green business in the agri-food business.

Algae represent the food of the future and Spirulina in particular, considered since the ancient food of the gods for its high nutritional properties, represents the element of conjunction between the past and the future and represents a food characterized by extraordinary benefits both for human nutrition for environmental sustainability.